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CONTEST DESCRIPTION – The contest is a talent hunt from our members. The contest ends Saturday May 4th 2013 11:59 PM PST.  All you need to do is upload a video, in the video you have to show some kind of talent that you have, it can be related to anything such as sports, music, comedy or dance.  Once the contest ends the submissions will be reviewed and a winner will be picked and contacted.  Only one submission per person. The winner of the contest will win $200 and will be contacted by Admin. Members can like contest entries for their favorite videos and this information will be taken into account by the judges.

1. Go to the video section of the website
2. On the right hand side click upload video
3. In the video title state your username and put contest after. (Example: Admin – Contest)
4. Describe your talent in the video description
5. For category choose “Talent Contest Entries”
6. For privacy choose everyone
7. You may disallow comments if you wish
8. Video Source click YouTube (if uploading from YouTube)
9. Submit your entry

ELIGIBILITY – You must have an account on www.bikersowned.ca. It must be you in the video. You cannot edit the video to make a fake talent.  All submissions must meet our terms and conditions on www.bikersowned.ca that you accepted when creating your account; any submission that goes against those accepted terms will lead to a terminated account. Any form of cheating will be determined by the judges and hold the right to disqualify submissions at any time.

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